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  • Acne

    I am a 22 year old female and I just started suffering from acne about a year ago. It mostly affects my chin and the middle of my forehead in a line down to the middle of my eyebrows, I have never had a problem with my skin before, and I am really upset about it. I am a very axous person I have social axiety and sometimes panic attacks, I get very irritable sometimes. My feet and hans get icey cold too, any help would be very helpfull, Thankyou for any help

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    hello tina
    this problem might be more than just surface,it can be a imbalance of sorts within you causing this to happen externally.
    In homeopathy when you get a symptom it is a signal from your body saying 'help' do something......with skin ailments it is normal to just cover it up (as an allopath would recomend) with all sorts of lotions,this will only suppress the problem,it must be looked at by a classical homeopath in your area, i have found one near you perhaps they have a clinic for lowcost services
    in portland main; Devra Krassner at the full spectrum heath center . 207-773-2517 4 milk street in portland . By the way in chinese medicine the 'chin' area relates to the digestive organs,the area closer to your lips is your reproductive organs,this helps indicate where your imbalances are........ National Center For Homeopathy website has many homeopaths listed in your area
    Gina Tyler


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      Thankyou for your reply, I will call and make an appt. That is the way I feel that something else is wrong iside me. I will call that one you gave me and keep you updated. thankyou again,


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        I called the number you gave me and I have an appt for friday. Im very excited, she says the first and second visits are 1 and 1/2 hours long, and im glad for that, she sounds like she will do a really good job, and cover everything. Thankyou for your help understanding that I am a whole not just one prob to cover up, I also read a post on acne specifically explaining that on this site and it was helpful.


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          reply to martinarae

          Dear martinarae
          You have done the right thing going to a good homeopath that can follow your every progress,with a 'skin' problem homeopathy tends to make it a little worse before it does get better,dont worry this needs to happen,have your homeopath explain this for you so you know what to expect. Going to a allopathic dermatologist is the absolute worse thing to do for this.
          Keep us informed.......all the best to you
          Gina Tyler