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17 month old with eczema

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  • 17 month old with eczema

    my daughter is 17 months old and has eczema on the folds of both wrists and ankles and also behind her right knee. It is scaly, red and very dry. I think it itches sometimes. Nothing oozes out of it. She has never taken any medicine besides homeopathy. She has never been vaccinated. She is now seeing a homeopath for this problem and she has taken a total of 5 doses of sepia 30c, without much improvement. Interesting enough, she also prescribed me sepia 30c. My daughter is a happy child. She entertains herself well and only cries when she wants to nurse or when she is sleepy. She loves company. Loves to be outside. She isn't afraid of animals. Her favorite thing is to play with water.
    my pregnancy was okay. The only thing was that i had lost my dad right before getting pregnant and when i did, i was still very sad. There was a lot of stress dealing with my father's wife, but besides this everytihng went all right. I had a c-section.
    my dad died of leukemia.

    if any of you has any suggestion, i would appreciate the help.

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    The child needs Graphites 30 one dose per week for 4 weeks.


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      Dear Flor

      The indication of location ankles,wrists in chinese medicine indicates a connection to her reproductive organs. Where a 'skin ailment' locates itself is also something to consider besides what it is.
      If sepia is not showing any signs of agg/amel by now the case might need to be taken again.
      All aspects of her need to looked at carefully,emotional,mentals and physicals,thus a constitutional is best for that.Have had much great results via this method of taking the case.Most recent was my last patient 4yr old with eczema,no vaccination, but in her case her const. was puls.
      She was 1,000% pulsatilla const. even her dreams,desires of likes dislikes.
      In your case sepia might not be correct for your daughter.

      Gina Tyler


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        Thank you. Sepia actually aggravated the symptons and now, a week after i gave her 3 days of sepia 30C one dose/day, her eczema seems to be getting a little better. i will wait a little longer to see if it the eczema will go away for good.


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          impressive thanks for this and keep it up


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