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  • 7 Cream - looking to spread the word

    Hello all
    I have shared my skin cream with local Canadian homeopaths for some time but am ready, after so much great feedback, to spread the word.....

    Have a look at


    Robin Logan RSHom FSHom MCH
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    I've personally used Robin's cream in my practice and it has helped so many patients with eczema wean off their steroidal meds while receiving classical homeopathic treatment.

    Jack Gagliardi, H.D.


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      Hello Jack

      I was wondering if I would find anyone I know here.
      Thanks for the testimonial!
      Best wishes


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        Homoeopathy has nothing to do with 7 cream.
        A good homoeopathic dr can cure eczema without theses acessorries.
        Actually local applications like this will only complicate further.
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          Thank you for your advice Pannakal...

          ...but I have plenty of experience of treating eczema with classical homeopathy. Sure, some patients need no topical treatment but if over the last 21 years I had insisted that patients use no moisturiser and abruptly stop their HC with no temporary alternative my success rate would have been severely diminished. Whatsmore I would have caused a lot of unnecessary suffering.

          PS: I had a look at your website - Hahnemann's name was Samuel not Samul


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            Dear Robin,

            Thank you very much for the correction of spelling in that page,that I didin't noticed.I will change it soon.

            According to my experience we can treat eczema succefully with internal treatment. In most cases unwanted aggravation may be due to timid repetitions and changes. You already know it.

            I visited your site. You are a very experienced and learned dr. About your cream, what are the ingradients in it?

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              You will find there is a page on the website that descibes all the ingredients and their properties.


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                In agreement with PANNAKKAL
                regards treatment of eczema,homeopathy can and will cure from inside out without any creame use,have seen it on many children .

                Your creame is not an invasive one as i have read all the ingred. but as for its use on eczema i would stear clear from any topicals as the 'skin' is an organ of ellimination and needs to 'detox' the toxin not suppress as you well know being a homeopath.
                The longer the suppression the longer it takes to 'cure' the eczema.

                Gina Tyler


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                  [QUOTE=g.tyler]In agreement with PANNAKKAL
                  regards treatment of eczema,homeopathy can and will cure from inside out without any creame use,have seen it on many children .

                  So have I, as I have already said. Literally hundreds of cases.

                  I have also seen many people in such a state of suffering from dry and infected skin that they cant sleep and life is complete misery. The blanket statement that the skin is an organ of elimination and nothing should ever be put on it is naive and idealistic. Cream will never replace homeopathic treatment but the right sort can be a fantastic adjunct. There is a lot that can be done to promote healing of unhealthy skin with topical applications without suppression. I am currently investigating Madecassoside in Gotu Kola (or Hydrocotyle) and its amazing ability to promote collagen lll secretion. Its been used for hundereds if not thousands of years by native people and only now is it being understood why it works in the way it does.


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                    I dont' know about the other contents and it is always helpful to have something soothing that helps through the healing crisis in chronic eczemas.

                    But I have certainly found ALOE used topically or internally as a herb to be very suppressive in these condition and all other "allergic" conditions even while on the constitutional. So I think this is something you need to seriously look at.
                    dr. leela