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22 month old w/ severe eczema/urticaria

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  • 22 month old w/ severe eczema/urticaria

    I am looking for any help in treating my child. He was first diagnosed with eczema at 3 months. It started in dry white patches. He was prescribed elidel cream. This worked for a while and then the patches started spreading. He never behaved as if the eczema was painful or itchy. At about 16 months he started developing red raised areas. They first began in the folds of his elbows and knees. The patches have spread all over his back and chest. They are now on this thighs. They are extremely itchy and he is miserable. His doctor first prescribed continuing the elidel. Then he prescribed topicort cream, limited oatmeal baths, lubriderm lotion. None of this has helped. He has had numerous topical ointments, the last of which he had an allergic reaction to. He turned even redder (if possible) and screamed and writhed in agony. I had to take him to the ER for a shot of epi and vistaril. After the shot his skin looked good for about 5 days. We have now given up on all creams. The only spot on him that is not red and itchy is his bottom, where his diaper covers him. That leads me to belive that he maybe allergic to the laundry detergent. Not so. I have switched totally to DREFT, and he is still broke out. We now use only Vaseline on his skin. When he is itchy he actually brings the vaseline to me so I know that it helps. He takes claritin q am and benadryl q pm. We have no holistic treatment available in our area. I have been reading up on Psorinum 12C and Calcerea carbonica 30C. Can I give this to a 22 month old? I would appreciated any recommendations. We have another appointment with his pediatrician in a few days and I would like to suggest other options.

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    Its better to contact a qualified Homoeopath nearby cause homoeopathy treats the patient not the disease.I mean after going through the entire symptom of the patient a Good Homoeopath chooses the remedy suitable as per the totality of symptoms.There are many remedies for eczema so if you don't have any Homoeopath near by consult on line ,there are several on line clinics available in net.
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      Dear farrah
      The baby has been vaccinated?
      If yes then soon after did the eczema start showing itself?
      If all your answers are yes then not only do you need to adress the skin issue but the toxic effects of the vaccines.
      Any suppression done by an allopathic ped. will be harmfull in the babies later years,his immune will cause loads of respiratory problems,allergies,asthma.
      corti-meds are not save to use they suppress the external skin ailment with a vengance. Please do your baby a favor and find a trained classical homeopath to start a full casetaking.
      You will not be abel to handle the aggravation if you apply hom. remedies on your own,not wise!
      Gina Tyler
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