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To all chronic acne sufferers

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  • To all chronic acne sufferers


    I just wanted to make a suggestion regarding treating your acne. It's great you are here looking at homeopathy to help you. But whatever is causing the problem to begin with, it might still going on.... I just wanted to share my experience and thoughts in hopes that it helps others.

    I have had extremely bad acne in the past, with it flaring up worse at certain times of my life. A few years back I was in India for a few months and while there ran out of shampoo, so bought a local brand which happened to be very strong and sudsy. I broke out badly...but at that time didn't connect it to the shampoo. I saw a dermatologist there, who believed I had allergies to the sun, due to the acne being on my face and upper back. So he prescribed an anti-histamine medicine. I didn't really think the sun was my problem, but I took the medicine and my skin cleared within a day. So I tucked that idea into my head, and now back in the USA, whenever I broke out badly, I took a Benadryl (an anti-histamine) and the acne went away. At that time, I developed a very bad sore throat, and the doctor prescribed what happened to be a sulfa drug to treat it. Within 3 days of taking the sulfa drug medicine, there were pimples (ok, technical term i guess is "hives") all over my body and I was feeling miserable. So I was rushed off to the hospital where they shot me full of anti-histamines to stop what they said was an allergic reaction to the sulfa drugs. It took me a few more months even after all that to FINALLY make the connection that my shampoo and soaps, which contained sodium lauryl suflate, were causing my skin to react with "hives" aka pimples! The Pro Active stuff I was using also contained sulfur in their mask, and always made my skin worse when I used I was finally making these connections. After switching to chemical-free beauty products (I especially avoid sodium lauryl sulfate--its even in toothpastes!!), I rarely break out, and when I do, I can usually trace it to eating enriched bread (enriched with "vitamins" such as iron sulfate).

    Moral of the story, while you treat your acne, please take a moment to think about what might be causing it. It's not the bodies natural condition to break out in pimples all the time. It is a sign that the skin, or something internally, is being exposed to some irritant.

    I found a great company that makes shampoos/soaps/lotions that are absolutely free of synthetic chemicals, called Aubrey Organics. I use them, they are great. Or you can make your own soaps and beauty products. And there may be other companies that provide similiar products. But always check labels if something claims to be all natural, coz it might still contain harmful chemicals.

    Best wishes!

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    It is clear that you are unaware of homoeopathy and its method.
    We are not treating acne as disease but for acne patients very succesfully without any adverse effects.

    For example when we treat an acne patient, we will ask many questions regarding his or her emotional state nature,sweat(incresed,decrease,offensive etc),climate relations,nature of skin(dry,oily etc),relation to menses,sun,weather it is indurated or soft,colour,food peculiarities etc,etc. And the prescription is based by all these factors.So we hompaths are not treating acne but acne patients.No soaps,ointments or chemicals. And this method is the most succefull no doubt. So try homoeopathy before you come to a conclusion.

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      Agreed with Pannakkal

      yes the use of homeopathy can and will cure really bad chronic acne,as it is based on the principles of Herings law of cure (all homeopaths know this and allopaths refuse to follow)
      Deep removal of miasmatic predisposition will also be addressed via the proper well indicated homeopathics.
      To visit a allopathic dermatologist is only going to suppress the acne,for it to re-appear again and again,to smear topical potion/lotion/shampoo/soaps will only act on surface,no cure or healing comes from this.
      Acne is systemic,there is an imbalance deep within,for instance within the 'hormones'.
      Homeopathy also addresses the emotional/mental factors of any imbalance this might also be the cause/onset of acne.
      Gina Tyler
      "Great ideas often recieve violent opposition from mediocre minds"...................Einstein


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        I believe you misunderstood my post.
        I am saying that the soaps/ointments and so on caused and aggravated my acne, and they should be avoided. Obviously everyone's situation is different, but I believe my acne problem stemmed from sensitivities to the chemicals in the shampoo and soaps I was using.

        I agree that homeopathy can treat acne. All I was saying is that the cause of the acne should, if possible, be removed in addition to using homeopathy. Which, in my case, I switched to shampoos/soaps which contain no synthetic chemicals.

        Simply put, yes, treat the acne with homeopathy, but at the same time, remove its original cause. Of course if the cause is hormonal, that may not be possible. But if the acne stems from a reaction to chemicals used on the skin, then of course you should stop using those chemicals.



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          You`re right Adyia ! People should read more carefully ! Your post is a good one !



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            Thanks for your sharing, I have suffered from acne for over a year now, I thought I have food allergy, I elminate all dairy products and gluten from my diet, it seems better, but I still have some acne, they do seem to go away!!!! Have you ever test whether you have food allergy or not? I never thought of chemical reaction could be possible to cause acne, I have acne on face, back and chest!!!!!! I thought hives would be very different from acne..... anyway, I will change my shampoo and soap to organic like you suggested, How long did it take your acne to vanish since you remove all the irritants? How about laundry detergent? Does laundry detergent cause your acne?
            Female from HK