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    I would like people's opinion on my experience and illness. I have been suffering from chronic Atopic Dermatitis all of my life to varying degrees, pretty bad up to the age of 15, treated only topically with quartisone, then very little until 23 when it started to get much worse. In addition to the usual creams I went on a couple of courses of quartisone. Seeing that things we getting gradually worse I decided to look for alternative methods and I stumbled upon homeopathy. To cut a long story short, the treatment was obviously badly administered as after two days of treatment I was at home in bed, but the Homeopath insisted I had to get worse to get better I put up with it for six weeks when I was rushed to hospital where I stayed for two weeks. Naturally they pumped me full of quartisone intravenously. Then as the quartisone didn't get me completely better, they switched me onto Cyclosporin which made me feel much better for 2.5 years. That was up until the Spring this year when it stopped having such an effect.
    Once again, I began to look for alternative methods, this time assuring myself of there professionalism. The conclusion has been that homeopathy is the most effective alternative medicine for skin problems. After three months of taking one substance at a time depending on the symptoms, and after 4 sessions of acupuncture, I took a big turn for the worse and was off work for 6 another six weeks. In the end, I was pressured by doctors and family to take a course of quartisone as I was in such a state. My homeopath said that it was ok for me to have a breather, but to suspend the homeopathy until coming off the quartisone. This is my current situation.
    My question is; Why am I so much worse after the first batch of homeopathy ? as although I was suffering before the treatment, I would be quiet happy to go back to that state.
    Is there anyone out there who has personal experience of the success of homeopathy with atopic dermatitis - either a sufferer or Homeopath.
    Sorry for the lengthy explanation - look forward to hearing from someone !! THANKS !

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    This is a difficult one. The first time you had homeopathic treatment you think that the homeopath was not qualified???

    The second time the homeopathy may have been antidoted by the acupuncture. I certainly would not expect a patient of mine to be having acupuncture at the same time. Some alternative thereapies are OK together but I don't think these 2 mix very well.

    Why don't you give us details of your treatment i.e. the remedies you have been given, their potencies and how long you took them for.

    Most of the homeopaths on this BB are Classical which means we would only approve of giving one remedy at a time in a minimum dose.

    Can you also describe your atopic dermatitis as is manifests itself in different ways in different people.
    RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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      Wonderful to hear from you !

      As to your question, I think the first Homeopath was lacking experience in this particular field as she relied solely on a computer programme.

      As I'm writing from work, I will bring the long list of treatments in tomorrow.

      A quick summary of my symptoms:
      Basically it has always manifests itself as very dry, flakey and extremely itchy. Throughout my life it has moved from the feet, to the hands, and now the worst place is my face. Since my first bout of homeopathy my symptoms have changed, my face gets as red as a tomato. Sometimes it's red because it's scorching hot, and others because the skin is damaged following a serious scratching session. It tends to go through a cycle, either it starts itching like hell, or my faces burns up, then gets very dry and irritated (uncomfortable), as it gets better it all flakes off. During both bad bouts whilst on homeopathy my skin became very weepy (never before witnessed). The first time was horrific, in fact I became dehydrated as a result - just lightly scratching any part of my body would soak my clothes. This last time (August/September 2000) it was only my face, neck, and to a lesser extent on my hands. The liquid is sticky, leaves yellow stains and also smells peculiar, apart from driving me crazy and stopping me from sleeping.

      I think that's all symptom-wise.

      With regards to the acupuncture, I think you're right. Before the first session I had started to get worse. It also coincided with me refraining from taking any traditional medicine - at the time cyclosporin as advised by the acupuncturist, but under normal circumstance it should have got better instead of reaching the extreme it reached. Basically I just got into such a state that the homeopathy couldn't cope (?)and unfortunately I had to revert to traditional medicine as the doctors wanted to hospitalize me again!

      The general conclusion (by my current Homeopath, my Naturopath (who is currently giving me metamorphic energy massage aimed at emotional blockages), the Acupuncturist,etc. is that the origin of my illness is emotional - on a very deep subconscious level perhaps even initiated during my Mother's traumatic pregnancy (I was the result of an extra marital affair, she cut all relations with my biological Father in an attempt to make her marriage work, but she was madly in love with him (God knows why ??)and when I was one, she left her first husband to live with my Father. Then perhaps this was made worse by aspects of my childhood in relation to my Father's strictness/brutality - what is your opinion on this ? On a day to day basis I am very happy with my life (Job, partner, myself, etc)- of course I get depressed when my skin flares up.

      Do you think that the first Homeopath in administering various treatments at once, could have semi-poisoned me ? Is that why my skin is much worse since the treatment ? I have been recommended to detoxify myself ?? Do you think this could help ?


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        You havent experienced homeopathy, but aa lot of quackery.
        And this info, you give is not enough to choose the correct remedy on, and if this info was the only thing they choosed a remedy on, its a evidence of quackery, and its no doubt, that they may have given you additional problems, esp if the dermatitis has moved upwards during that treament.
        If you want help, go to my homepage, and read the questions there, then come back and repost, or if you preferr, take this case privately with me.

        Homeopat MNNH Geir Marcussen.


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          Thanks GM for your reply. I've enjoyed visiting your website and I will provide you with all the info asap.

          The "Homeopaths" which have treated me did ask more questions, mainly regarding my childhood, many of the matters you include were not mentioned. The problem here in Spain I think is that homeopathy is on a rather small scale due to lack of knowledge etc.

          I would like to know if you also think that quartisone cancels out homeopathy. I am currently coming off the treatment slowly, but if I stop suddenly I would be in bed in a matter of days. Somehow, I need to find a way of being able to stabilize it sufficiently in order to be able to go to work and lead a normal life and deal with the root of the problem with homeopathy.

          I am also contemplating visiting a recommended psyco-analyst to delve into the subconcious grey matter - what do you think ?

          Plus I have been recommended to detoxify myself of all medication and then to start afresh in order to optimize the effect - what do you think ?


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            Cortisone block, and is your bodys own stress hormone, and is not what the body tolereate more than 14 days..before damages occures..on organs.
            And, if on correct homeopatic remedie, the cortisone absence will not show, more than maybe a bit flare up.besides, if it has created a new problem, i have to adress that first, try to balance you.
            I cant answer for what will happen, before we try. Caus im dependant on how you react, to tell if its working correct or not.
            And a psychoaanalysis?? well that i cant say, before ive seen on your case, sometimes one may benefit from it, most of times its just worthless, and even damaging. I can treat and cure a patient within one houers appointment, that a analyst couldnt cure in 20 years.

            [This message has been edited by GM (edited 25 October 2000).]


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              Since GM has answered I shall leave your case to him but out of interest , have you ever been given Graphites?
              RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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                burning , contraindicates graphites, remedies with heat is natr m, sulp,hepar, phosp, causticum..and mez and more..graph is a cold remedie.


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                  The last remedy I was on was graphites and it did seem to be improving - at the time I was not witnessing the burning sensation as it is periodical.

                  Gone and forgotten to bring the list of all the remedies I have taken - tomorrow.

                  GM: I know that cortisone is bad news but I have also been warned about coming off it too quickly. Plus right now I have very little symptoms because of the treatment. I feel that I need to finish coming off it and then start with homeopathy again. However, I do feel slightly afraid because of my past reactions. I can't afford to be off work and for my life to come to a halt again. The remedy I reacted especially strongly to was Apis Melicum. Since May this year I have only been on low LM doses diluted in water (15 granules in 75cc) because of what the Homeopath called my sensitiveness.
                  What I propose is to provide you with all the information detailing on your web-site, plus a list of all the stuff I've been taking and wait until I've come off the cortisone (soon I hope).
                  Thanks for your patience !


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                    Well, most likely your a natrium mur, and apis is the acute of natr. so it will agravate, but not cure.but give more info.


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                      The reason why I asked about the Graphites was because what you experienced in August/ September may have been a proving symptom from this remedy if it was the first time it had gone like that. Did you take the Graphites just before this came up?
                      RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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                        If I remember rightly I was on Rhus Toxicodenos 6LM at the time when I started getting bad - before the acupuncture. Things just kept getting worse so I was told to take Pulsatila 4LM due to a lack of change and the symptoms, especially the loss of liquid from the face and neck, I moved on to Graphites 2LM and felt very slightly better so went up to 4LM and the improvement continued, however after 6 weeks of being house-ridden I succumbed to pressure from family and doctors and stopped the treatment.

                        Sorry, I'm running out of time - more Monday. Thanks.


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                          So the burning is a new symptom?
                          RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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                            Hi Rick: Sorry yesterday was bank holiday in Spain - lucky for some eh?
                            Well, the burning started after I was first treated with homeopathy with the following remedies (3 years ago):


                            As far as I remember I started off with the first 3 - taking the granules under my tongue twice daily for each remedy. Then, according to my explainations of the symptoms she added the other three.

                            Before starting this treatment my symptoms were very dry and tight skin resulting in being very uncomfortable. A general layer all over, more concentrated inside elbow and knee, eyelids and above lip, upperside of fingers just above nail and also on back of hands.

                            After starting the above treatment my symptoms changed drastically in a couple of days. I looked like I had been burnt by the sun, my skin was very weepy all over, and the itch was uncontrolable.

                            I stuck it out for 6 "long" weeks when my Mum flew over and rushed me into hospital - treatment was cortisone then as an out patient cyclosporin.

                            When bad the sypmtoms continued to be red and flaky (not weepy) And every so often it would come on with a very hot and red face, but it is not always.

                            Since May this year I have been going to an Institute of Alternative Medicine here in Madrid. I explained my past experience with homeopathy in detail. I'm afraid I didn't write the order down and I can only remember the last three in order so here's the list. I took it diluted in mineral water (15 granules in 500ml) morning and night - only one remedy at a time until it took effect or not revision after two/three weeks, (unless drastic change when I telephoned) and they changed me accordingly, I took the CH doses until the apis 30 gave me a strong reaction, from then on I was on LM apart from the CALCAREA:

                            NATRUM MURIATICUM 200CH
                            STAPHYSAGRA 200CH
                            APIC MELLIFICA 9CH
                            APIS 30CH (GAVE ME A STRONG REACTION)
                            ARSENICUM ALBUM 2LM
                            SULPHUR 2LM
                            PULSATILA 4LM
                            RHUS TOXICODENOR 6LM
                            GRAPHITES 2LM/4LM

                            In addition to this I was told to take Manganese solution to deal with mental hyperactivity as I was having problems disconnecting to sleep. I was also taking ultra livor and infloran to detoxify my digestive system.

                            More on profile next time.


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                              This is not homeopathy, its quackery, and its dangerous.To counteract supression, and medical disease, use one dose only of china 200, and wait a month, then we shall reatke your case totally from the bottom, and pick one remedy that will help out this.

                              Homeopat MNNH Geir Marcussen.