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Severe reaction to Vaccination

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  • Severe reaction to Vaccination

    please help. A friend who gave birth 7 weeks ago and had a rubella vaccination 2 days later has come out in a severe skin reaction. the dr's cannot diagnose it and have just given hydrocortisone. she started profuse sweating one day after the jab and a few spots appeared behind her leg. Now the rash has extended to her legs, stomach breasts and arms. it is a slightly raised very red rash. some spots. she describes it as > ice and fanning and < heat, night. She wakes up up scratching at night and bleeds. needs to keep uncovered.
    i have thought about ledum (>ice cold) and carbo-veg (>fanning), but i don't know if getting rubella in potency may be a better choice? do you have nay suggestions?
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      Sorry I don't understand if it is the Mother or the baby who has the rash and if one of them had the jab 2 days after the birth. Has who ever it is had the rash for 7 weeks?
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        the mother has the rash. the mother was given the jab and yes it started 7 weeks ago
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          Here are some ideas. I would only go for rubella in potency as a last resort.

          Murphy - Skin
          ECZEMA vaccination, after (1)
          1 skook

          Murphy - Skin
          ERUPTIONS vaccination, after (5)
          1 mez, 1 sars, 1 sil, 1 skook, 1 thuj

          Murphy - Diseases
          VACCINATIONS, ailments, after pustules, itching, burning (1)
          1 psor

          Murphy - Diseases
          VACCINATIONS, ailments, after redness, erysipelatous (1)
          2 apis

          Combined Synthesis - Generals
          VACCINATION, AFTER (31)
          2 acon, 2 ant-t, 2 apis, 2 ars, 2 bell, 1 bufo, 1 crot-h, 1 echi, 1 graph, 1 hep, 1 kali-chl, 2 kali-m, 3 MALAND, 2 merc, 3 MEZ, 2 ped, 1 phos, 2 psor, 1 rhus-t, 1 sabin, 3 SARS, 1 sep, 3 SIL, 3 SULPH, 3 THUJ, 1 tub, 3 VAC, 2 vario, 1 carc, 1 skook, 1 lac-v
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            You may consider mezereum based on the following rubrics:

            Skin eruptions

            general/eczema after vaccination
            itching warmth agg
            itching night
            itching cold air amel

            Good luck!


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              Thank you--I'm glad the posts are helpful.


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                dear nikitha,

                please look for any glands near neck(posterior).sometimes it is rubella itself slowly erupting(or suppressed) and the other chance is vaccination.

                the stage where carb veg is used is the collapsed condition in which eruption is suppressed and in sinking state and craves cold air ,not this stage.

                here some rubrics

                generalities -vaccination after
                skin-eruption=red rashes
                itching< night
                <warm on becoming
                <warm on becoming in bed

                and one sentance from MM PURA (under Sulphur)by hahnemann-line 680-cutaneous eruption as is apt to occur after vaccination.

                you can study sulphur here.

                <a href="" target="_blank"></a>