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    mxr posted:"I have been giving my son the homeopathic combination (mentioned above) for the past 6 months............................................ ........"

    The use of "Combination remedies" is a faulty method of prescribing for any ailment. The effects of cure most often will NOT be witnessed with these hit and miss combination prescriptions.
    A proper case needs to be taken and the entire imbalance of patient needs to be addressed. To focus on "ONE" symptom is NOT homeopathy.This is called allopathic prescribing using homeopathic remedies.
    "Great ideas often recieve violent opposition from mediocre minds"...................Einstein


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      Cure of Vitiligo

      Dear Gina
      Please write some thing more about your experience of homeopathy as cure of vitiligo. Normally it is said that it is a slow mode of treatment. What you observe after six month.


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        Vitiligo Cure, Which is best

        Dear Pannakkal please tell me which treatment option you use for vitiligo cure. First I also consider vitiligo an non cureless skin conditoin. Now your are the first person by which I heard that it is curalble.
        I recenetly read a post on a vitiligo skin disorde related site that many procedures are proved better treatment for this skin disorder.

        What are the actual causes of about vitiligo. And which are the best orgs which conducting researches on vitiligo.
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          dear ahamedali,

          The causes of vitiligo ,you can see in various sites as you attached here. So no use in telling them.
          Vitiligo can be completly cured by internal homoeopathic medicine alone.
          It does not means every cases encountered will be cured. But success is far more than failures.As I wrote many times here, the segmental vitiligo is more speedily curable than Symmetrical. Symmetrical also curable ,but it take prolonged treatment.
          I have completely cured many cases by internal medication alone and for years there is no return of complaints

          Our approch is totally different from the allopathic point of view.
          We give no importance to what they said as cause of disease.
          The importance is according to the patients nature and peculiarity
          Some cases I gave medicine according to the site,mental nature,past occurance of grief,shock,continuous worry and rare symptoms or from totality. What we need is cure. If medicine selected is correct,there is no doubt cure is there
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            Dear Ahmedali

            It is not a 'one magic pill' for every case of vitiligo.
            Often I find the systemic immune being broken down by external causes. Iatrogenic symptoms due to vaccine and antibiotic intake. These need to be addressed.
            "Great ideas often recieve violent opposition from mediocre minds"...................Einstein


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              Re vitiligo cure

              Thanks DINa for your kind information

              I will soon consider it. Before it I am read about vitiligo cure that
              drug is proven to work but it would be worth a try. Not sure about the re-pigmentation thing. I'm sure there must be some way of doing that especially with the art of tatooing being so popular. Maybe there is a medical tatoo of some sort that will re-pigment the skin.


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                Melantcytes and Vitiligo Cure

                I recently read an research report that vitiligo occurs due to the destruction of melanocytes skin cells. Can reproduction of melanocytes bring back your pigmentation.


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                  Homeopathy medicines are very effective for the treatment of vitiligo. I have tried homeopathic treatment on my vitiligo and got success in treating it. This is the only reason I am telling you to go ahead with the homeopathic medicines. After all it's your call, you can decide what suits best on your condition. You can get more information about homeopathic medicines for the treatment of vitiligo here:


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                    Never forget that homeopathy is about "like cures like" and constitution. If you use the right medicine in the right potency vitiligo can be cured. You can read more here:


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                      I made a quick search in the posts here regarding vitiligo and I wonder why nobody mentioned Acidum phosphoricum yet. A colleague of mine has vitiligo. He drinks 2 liters of Coke every day. Most people I know who has vitiligo also has this desire to drink soft drinks which contains a lot of phosphoric acid (I can count 4 people I know personally, all of them has vitiligo and all of them drink more than other people cola and similar stuff). It is also mentioned in a research regarding homeopathy and vitiligo done here. I don't claim that it is the remedy for the cure, but maybe vitiligo has a relation to acids in general.

                      Another thought, Acidum phosphoricum has indeed a strong desire for soft drinks and this is a particular symptom.