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Silicea fills up acne craters, true or not?

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  • Silicea fills up acne craters, true or not?

    hello, I've been taking silicea 3x for over 2 months for filling up my fingernail acne scars on the sides of face (near both eyes). This area seems to have gotten thinner than the rest since i underwent 4 resurfacing/dermabrasions in the past, with little or no result whatsoever. Outcome number one is that i remained with more scars and dissapointed with conventional medicine.
    I've read from several posts that silicea may fill up pockmarks, indentations craters lefts by acne. Is this true? or just some kind of "urban legend" seeking to fill up the pockets of whoever is trading silicea?.

    Up to date, I notice that my scars/craters are more evident, and it makes me kinda depressive, since silicea seems to be agravating the initial symptoms. Please suggest me any homeopathic remedy before re-ressorting to allopathic medicine
    Thank you.


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    In homoeopathy no remedy is for filling or name sake of diseases.
    The failure is due to self application without knowing the subject.
    So consult a hompath personally is the only option
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      Selfprescribing is never a good idea
      sill is a verry powerfull remedy if taken with proper casetaking.
      To take sil in the manner you have indicated is not homeopathic prescribing.
      Stop and make an appt. with a trained homeopath (if you need a referal i know a great hom. in perth)
      Gina Tyler
      "Great ideas often recieve violent opposition from mediocre minds"...................Einstein


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        part two

        found over 200 possible remedies for this situation.
        the top 7 listed are as follows;
        cal f
        fluor ac

        Gina Tyler
        "Great ideas often recieve violent opposition from mediocre minds"...................Einstein


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          You might consider some enzymes

          Taking digestive enzymes on an empty stomach gets the enzymes into your bloodstream to do their job throughout your body.

          If proteolytic enzymes can break down aminal flesh (in your GI tract) then it may be possible that enzymes can help break up scar tissue too. It is believed that scars, even old scars, can be improved with systemic enzymes. (Systemic enzymes means you take the enzymes on an empty stomach.)

          Years ago I read that applying fresh pineapple to an old scar would help it heal. Only fresh pineapple would work, not canned. Pineapple is the source for bromelain, a well known proteolytic enzyme. (Canned pineapple would not have any more enzymes left.)

          As we age our pancreas does not have the capability for producing enzymes. These enzymes have other roles besides just digestion. The main thing people think of is inflammation, but that is not all.

          Of course there are cosmestic products that contain enzymes. I believe pumpkin is used for its enzymes in cosmetics, to give just one example. But taking them between meals can help too besides just applying some enzymes in cream to your skin.