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Sept. 11 starts - Introduction to Homeopathy OnLine/EmailClass - Class #40a - Part 1 of 2 , Basic Level

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  • Sept. 11 starts - Introduction to Homeopathy OnLine/EmailClass - Class #40a - Part 1 of 2 , Basic Level

    Please share with others you know may be interested - friends,
    family, on other email lists, webboards, etc

    Can just share the link if you want instead of this whole email

    September 10 - Introduction to Homeopathy OnLine Class - Class #40a
    - Part 1 of 2 , Basic Level

    The Basic class will cover the laws and principles and how to use the
    repertory and take a case so you can use this with your family as
    soon as possible (see outline below). In the fall there will be an
    Advanced class will cover more details about homeopathy (more details
    about the lessons that were introduced) for those who want to know
    more. More on this as you get closer to finishing basic.

    In this course we will cover using homeopathic remedies at home for
    acute & first aid situations (will be explained in the course).

    I will explain in detail how a homeopath works with chronic or
    recurring things, but you will only be working with true acute and first aid.

    This is an introduction and you will be able to use this with your
    family and close friends. It is NOT a course to prepare you to
    become a homeopath or to give you enough information to treat others
    outside family/close friends. Also chronic illness is not something
    that you can or should treat yourself. We will explore that also.

    Who knows - you may find you want to become a homeopath - and
    goodness knows we sure need them. Many of you realize that as you
    haven't been able to find a quality homeopath yourself. I am serious here!

    I. Introduction
    A. What is classical homeopathy
    B. What you will learn here
    C. What kinds of things should you be 'treating'
    D. What is Health
    E. The Vital Force
    F. Symptoms - what is their purpose?
    G. Placebo?
    II. History
    III. Principles - What is classical homeopathy
    A. The Laws &; Principles
    1. Law of Similars - totality
    2. The Single Remedy
    3. Minimum Dose
    4. Potentization
    B. Provings
    III. Comparison Between Homeopathy and Allopathy
    IV. Homeopathy, Herbalism, Naturopathy, Bach Flowers, Combos
    V. Remedies
    A. Sources of Remedy
    B. Form of Remedy
    C. Single Remedies/Combo Remedies
    D How made
    1. Potentization
    2. Succussion/Trituration
    3. Potencies - low, middle, high, LM's
    E. Dosage
    F. Taking the Remedy
    G. Caring for your Remedies
    H. Sources for Remedies (single, kits)
    VI. Using the repertory &; materia medica
    VII. Take the Case
    A. What types of things should you be 'treating'
    B. Collecting Complete &; Accurate Information
    C. Case Analysis
    D. Key Symptoms
    E. Repertorizing
    D. Materia Medica
    E. Choosing the Remedy
    F. Administering the Remedy
    G. Lessons in taking the case
    VIII. Vaccines &; their Dangers
    IX. How to find a homeopath - what to look for - when to use one

    Jo Twiss homeopath

    Dear Sheri,
    Thanks so much for allowing me to view your introductory study
    course. I was constantly amazed at the amount of work you put into
    preparing the material and supporting those students who kept up.
    Your answers were clear, concise, affirming, and encouraging -- such
    patience you must have. I mentioned your choice of textbooks to
    Miranda and she was thrilled to hear that her book was being put to
    such good use. So any thoughts I may have had about starting a
    similar course with the West Coast Homeopathic Society have now
    completely vanished. I will enthusiastically recommend your course to
    anyone wanting any introductory study.

    If you could send me a schedule of when you expect to start future
    courses, I would like to promote them on the announcements page of
    the WCHS website. Also, if you get a specific webpage for this course
    (perhaps you already have one -- I haven't checked for awhile) please
    let me know and I will add the address to our educational links. I'd
    like to help get the word out however I can.

    Congratulations on a superb accomplishment! My very best wishes. Jo
    Twiss, Homeopath Website Administrator

    Just to let you know that I have been requiring some of the people
    who have come in to work with me (office/administrative side of
    things) to do your course as part of their employment (paid by
    Homeopathy Plus!) to bring them up to speed with homeopathy. Great service!
    Many thanks,
    Frances Sheffield, RN, CM, DRM, MHlthSc.Ed., Australia
    Glenning Valley (near Tuggerah) on the Central Coast of NSW - about
    an hour north of Sydney.
    Homeopathy Plus! (Information - Education - Treatment)

    I had been using homeopathy for acutes for a little over 5 years,
    when I came to Sheri's class. I'd also been receiving homeopathic
    treatment for a chronic condition for a year with excellent results,
    and had become inspired to see if I had what it takes to truly learn
    the principles of homeopathy. The first great thing in Sheri's class
    was her choice of Miranda Castro's book; I had been looking for a
    home manual for some time and had not found one up to that point;
    Miranda's book is perfect for me and my family members (who have been
    coming to me for homeopathic "advice" for some time).Secondly,
    Sheri's approach to the history and basic principles is concise and
    understandable, which is no mean feat in homeopathy! From the way the
    cases in Miranda's book are presented in the class (with much
    feedback and mentoring) to the many "extra" articles Sheri provides
    from the current leaders in the field, this class is an excellent way
    to learn the healing principles that make homeopathy work so well.
    Whether a person wants to learn the basic applications for a family,
    or (as in my case) seeks a foundation for advanced learning, I will
    recommend Sheri's course to everyone with an interest in using this
    wonderful healing art.
    Nora Hill

    Sheri's course on Homeopathy is well-taught and *very* comprehensive,
    touching upon every possible subject you could think of in an Intro
    Course. To give you an example:
    I was only about halfway through Sheri's course when I attended my
    first Homeopathy Study meeting offered through the NCH (National
    Center for Homeopathy). The people meeting within this study group
    had been doing so for almost four years, and a few months prior to
    this meeting the lady who ran it said that they didn't want to have
    to regress for a "newbie" or go over the same old things again. But I
    insisted that I wouldn't be a burden and wanted to attend. To make a
    long story short, I went in December and was surprised to find that I
    knew and understood over 90% of what was taught and discussed at that
    meeting (and I even already had some of the books they were using!).
    I had Sheri's teachings to thank for that.

    Prior to Sheri's class I had read Miranda Castro's book, but Sheri
    brought it to life in the best way possible. She made the pages come
    alive and made understanding new concepts very enjoyable.

    If you're at all interested in learning about a non-allopathic way to
    treat yourself or family for acute illnesses, this is THE course for
    you. The knowledge you'll learn is priceless, especially if you have
    a family and/or children who depend on you to take care of them. And
    for anyone who's into no-vaxxing, you MUST take this class; your
    children will be better off with the knowledge that you'll gain.

    Sheri has my highest recommendations, and I'll always look at her as
    my mentor and the one who brought me to the world of Homeopathy :-)

    Bobbett Jascor

    PS THANKS a bunch Sheri. Your help has been priceless. Really :-) Bobbett

    I have been interested in alternative therapies since I could read. I
    have always felt that allopathic medicine was too "generalized" for
    the population. That one cold remedy can relieve symptoms for
    millions of people that are individuals simply never made sense to
    me. This course taught me so much about looking at every person as an
    individual. Not only for acute illness diagnosis, but also simply to
    connect with them. While it is designed to be an introduction, what I
    have learned through the reading and course book has inspired me to
    plan to continue my studies in the area of homeopathy. Ms. Nakken is
    a patient, thorough instructor. Her willingness to lead a course with
    more than 100 people signed up, yet be able to give personal
    attention is truly a beautiful and valuable skill. Her extensive
    knowledge makes the course run smoothly and at a good pace. I have
    enjoyed this course on many, many levels.

    Melissa Zawrotny, C.M.T. Thousand Oaks, California

    Sheri Nakken, former R.N., MA, Hahnemannian Homeopath
    Vaccination Information & Choice Network, Nevada City CA & Wales UK
    Vaccines - Vaccine Dangers &
    Childhood Disease & Homeopathy Email classes start April 18

    Sheri Nakken, former R.N., MA, Hahnemannian Homeopath &
    ONLINE/Email classes in Homeopathy; Vaccine Dangers; Childhood
    Diseases - next classes start in September