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January 7 - Vaccine Dangers Class, Part 1, Class 39A

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  • January 7 - Vaccine Dangers Class, Part 1, Class 39A

    Please share this info with all that you know - friends, relatives,
    email lists, yahoogroups, googlegroups, webboards, and more

    January 7 - Vaccine Dangers Class, Part 1, Class 39A

    Please share this info with all that you know.

    Introduction to Vaccine Dangers Online Class - Class #39A

    Next class starts online by email (go at your own pace) on January 7

    Information on ALL the dangers of Vaccines -

    * Assist you in making decisions about vaccinations and giving you
    awareness of all aspects of the dangers

    * Access to a huge file of tons of documentation which will be
    invaluable (if you print it all out)
    * For self education & use
    * For use with others

    * Verification & vindication of your decision not to vaccinate

    * Proof you have done your research in case questioned by officials
    in the future

    * Ready access to all information in your email files

    I started teaching an online class on the Dangers of Vaccinations in
    January, 2004 and have had a huge response & this is now the 39th class.

    Many of you are new to this issue or have come to it because your
    child was harmed by vaccines or some of you know parts of the puzzle
    but don't know the whole picture of why vaccines are dangerous.

    It is hard to get this from participating from an email list,
    although they are important to keep up to date, ask questions of
    other parents and professionals and to have the support the list offers.

    Many of you have requested an organized class so that you can learn
    all the nuances and details about vaccines.

    The class is divided into 2 parts (part 1 lasting about 8 months and
    part 2 lasting over 1 year)

    Part 1 will NOT be a pre-requisite to taking part 2

    This is NOT a discussion list and you will only receive emails and
    lessons from me, limiting the number of emails

    By taking this online class, you will:
    1. Learn all of the aspects of vaccines and why they are dangerous
    2. Be able tell others with a stronger knowledge base about vaccines
    3. Have a ready resource of information in your files on your
    computer &/or printed out in a binder/folder
    4. Be able to ask questions of me
    5. Be able (in part 2) to know about the various diseases, the risks
    of the disease and vaccines, and alternative treatment for illnesses

    I. Overview of the vaccine issue

    * A. Making An Informed Choice
    * B. Conflict of Interest
    * C. Options for Parents/Timing & Disease Incidence/Severity
    * D. Adverse Vaccine Reactions (short term) - immediate or
    within a short period of time
    o 1. Crying, irritability, sleeping, ear infections,
    eczema, deafness, encephalitis
    o 2. Shaken Baby Syndrome
    o 3. SIDS/death
    * E. Adverse Vaccine Reactions (long term)
    o 1. Autism/ASD/PDD/Aspergers/ADHD/ADD
    o 2. Vaccines & Neurological Complications - above,
    seizures, MS, Guillain Barre, more
    o 3. Immunological Reactions
    * F. The Immune System - including information on antibodies
    * G. Fever
    * H. Ingredients used during production & in vaccines - viruses,
    fetal tissue, mycoplasma, DNA/RNA, BSE, Genetic engineering, others
    o 1. Mercury/Thimerosal
    o 2. Adjuvants - Aluminum & Squalene
    * I. Vaccine long term studies (lack of); Post Marketing
    Surveillance; VAERS
    * J. Alternative Medicine - homeopathy, other
    * K. Alternative Vaccine methods
    * L. Building a Strong Immune System - Breastfeeding, DEET, MSG,
    pesticides, fluoride, unvaccinated, amalgam (mercury) fillings, food
    processing, fluroide, vitamin C
    * M. Legal Requirements
    * N. Pets & Vaccination & foodSelecting a Commercial Pet Food
    * O. Vaccines and Diseases (graphs & stats)


    * If taking the email version of the class, allow about 3 hours
    per week to read on the issue - from the book and other sources I
    give you - as well as answer questions and ask questions. If taking
    the class from the googlegroups webpage, go at your own pace totally.
    But with the email class, you can also go at your own pace if you'd
    like and save the information to read as you can. But I will run it
    as a class with reading assignments, questions, answers and feedback.

    * For the email class, I will email the lessons (they are also
    on the website for the list). All lessons will be by individual
    email, digest email (one email per day with all the emails) or you
    can do the course directly from the website and not get emails (you
    make your choice of how you want to receive your emails thru the website)

    * Register early - I may have to limit the size of this one as
    well, as there is a maximum that I can work with (answering questions
    & giving feedback)

    * Spread the word to others you know - friends, relatives other
    email lists, webboards etc. Please refer anyone you can think of as
    this information is vital to avoid damage from vaccines and to be
    prepared in case of illness.

    I am a Registered Nurse and have left that behind & have been a
    student of homeopathy since 1982 & completed my formal homeopathic
    education early in 2003 & have been practicing homeopathy since that
    time. I have studied about the dangers of vaccines since 1982 and
    especially since we have had the internet. I currently own and
    moderate several yahoo groups email lists as well as participate in
    many others including webboards.

    Details at webpage

    Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA, Classical Homeopath
    homeopathycures (AT) tesco (DOT) net
    (paypal account earthmysteriestours (AT) tesco (DOT) net)

    Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA, Hahnemannian Homeopath &
    ONLINE/Email classes in Homeopathy; Vaccine Dangers; Childhood Diseases Reality
    Next classes start December 2 & 3