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    Hompath MD- True Expert System
    Software designed for Homeopaths who have deeper commitment for Practice, Research Work and Thesis with advanced features like
    13 CDs 17 Modules
    29 Repertories with Complete Repertory
    270+ Books
    5000 Articles
    1,00,000 plus pages of information
    And much more..

    Benefits Of the Software

    Instant Case Analysis!
    Quickest Repertorisaton Software!
    All Features in a Single Screen!
    Precise Drug Filtration to achieve Similimum in seconds!
    Repertorise while talking to patients - Quick Repertorisation
    How to get the Similimum? Use various Repertorisation strategies!
    Problem converting Patient's words into rubrics? Use Intelligent Word Search!
    Stuck to 2 remedies while prescribing - Compare instantly!
    Prescribe with Confidence - Confirm first!
    Sit back and Hear the remedies being read for You by the Software!
    Not good with Computers? Repertorise using only the Mouse!

    For more information visit the website
    Hompath M.D. - Unique homeopathic software specially for students of Master Degree, research work & Homeopaths

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    One of you students tell me what's wrong in those statements. You guys are supposed to know such answers.

    Let's say I try to sell you hokum, and nobody prevents it. That's a sin due to failure to exercise the Golden Rule. So, somebody explain what errors are sold by all of the homeopathic computer-software companies, and then somebody tell me the specific errors in that advertisement. Ignore the one where s/he essentially says, "Give me all of your money!" That one's obvious. Tell me some of the other ones.
    Albert, also Hahnemannian444B and and and


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      Hompath - MD True Expert System

      Sir can you please clarify what you said
      related to errors


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        then somebody tell me the specific errors in that advertisement. Ignore the one where s/he essentially says, "Give me all of your money!" That one's obvious. Tell me some of the other ones.
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          Okay, fair enough, and understand that I'm not opposed to the use of computer databases in homeopathy. Far from it, in fact, but there are a plethora of things that mislead novices from recognized authorities, and a great many of those people are either low-potency or high-potency pseudo homeopaths (LPHs & HPHs). Therefore, computer programs that are marketed to people seeking to understand and apply homeopathy but from people who don't yet understand these classifications of homeopaths are doing a disservice to those people they're selling them to, to Hahnemann, to humanity, to the future, to Truth, to God, to their own Souls and to whatnot if they incorporate the works of LPHs and HPHs into their references. That's surely obvious.

          The advertisement says that there are "29 repertories" and specifies that one of them is THE COMPLETE REPERTORY. There aren't 29 reliable repertories in homeopathy or anything even remotely close to it, and the one the advertisement specified incorporated the works of both LPHs and HPHs without reference to the repertories by hyper-reliable authors. Why would he do that unless he didn't know what he's doing, and why would the marketers of this computer program do that unless they didn't know what they're doing? It essentially says: "Oh, my God, there are 850 million gazillion pages of information in our program. You cannot go wrong!" Wanna bet?

          That's just one of the problems. Are you sure you want to know these things? This could be really bad press for all of them, not just yours. That was not my intent with the remarks. I instead wanted students to realize that the claims are fallacious and misleading, not that the computer programs are useless. They can be very useful, but our best literature is mostly missing from them, and they're packed full of stuff of questionable value. What's that going to do but mislead young Minds? Homeopathy is hard enough as it is without these thorny problems thrown into the mix.

          These things are marketed to the current mass of students with deep pockets who're used to spending whatever it takes to get the education. No, not quantity, quality, guys. Who you read influences your conclusions until you can evaluate those things for yourselves as a champion of homeopathy, so it's not fair to students to tell them things we wouldn't.

          BTW, why haven't any students answered this, anyway? This stuff surely isn't unknown to all of them. I've seen many brilliant young Minds in homeopathy post here, so speak up, guys.

          The argument made by computer programmers in homeopathy is that quantity sells, i.e., that the number of source works means it's better. I'm sure that argument does sell them, but quality has always been the criteria of legitimate homeopathy just as with legitimate Christianity. The Gnostics were finally murdered by the masses of insane Pauline Christians, and almost all of their literature was destroyed. Christ was uncompromising about the Truth, so he told the masses parables, while he told the Apostles and other legitimate Disciples secrets. "Cast ye not pearls before swine." "They see but do not perceive and hear but do not understand." The same calculus holds in homeopathy and with Hahnemann, for he was also uncompromising about the Truth, specifically about the truths of medicine.

          For instance, Hahnemann dismissed the unreliable proving reports made by the Vienna Provers' Union and denounced the hospital that opened in Leipsig while he was there teaching in his clinic because they were both corrupting homeopathy with allopathic constructs. The public was becoming more familiar with homeopathy because of them, but at what expense? Hypothetically speaking, I tell you something, and then another guy tells you something rather different but which you can better understand. You're going to better understand it because it's infused with allopathic doctrines and definitions. What good is that? It's about as good a poke in the eye. Hahnemann and subsequent Hahnemannians have therefore always been uncompromising about the truths of medicine, and not only for those reasons. The Golden Rule also demands, and I'm sure I could easily come up with dozens of power reasons, all of which are involved in loving the Truth in general and wanting to do the right thing. Like Christ as a perfect example, we therefore don't compromise the Truth, period.

          Subsequent Hahnemannians have faced the same dilemma and at all turns, too. For instance, by the turn of the 19th to 20th century, we had one-quarter of the U.S. physicians claiming to be homeopaths, but all of the Hahnemannians had died, so it was completely false. HPHs did what they could, but why didn't any of them attain Hahnemannian status when they had the advantage of those guys to consult? We had 23 homeopathic medical schools, but all of them were corrupted, so no Hahnemannians associated themselves with them. It was enough that they contributed to the reliable medical journals because homeopathy is so damn hard to understand that it can only rarely be taught in the span of time comprising medical education. Adolph Lippe's quick grasp of homeopathy via the Allentown Academy is a handy example of the fact that it's the quality of the students that make that happen more than anything else, anyway, for this is understanding and real knowledge, not "teacha tole me" stuff. Therefore, the amount of time spent in a homeopathic medical school was also meaningless compared to the quality of the education. Those guys therefore devoted themselves to producing masterworks that would live forever even though in very obscure homeopathic medical journals. In fact, most of our best literature is found in those old medical journals and those that have retained that standard of excellence by both the contributors and editors.

          Therefore, what does it matter that the computer program has 29 repertories and THE COMPLETE REPERTORY? It didn't impress me. It made me sad. What does it make you sad?

          That's just one problem with the posting and at the top. There's more, ya know.
          Albert, also Hahnemannian444B
 and and and