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Benefits of vitamin A

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  • Benefits of vitamin A

    Hi All,
    Vitamin A is great for health and helps in losing weight by boosting our immune
    system. Vitamin A makes bones and teeth healthy and vital for healthy eyes, hair and nails. Vitamin A is good anti oxidant and used to treat urinary stones. Vitamin A prevents us from stroke and heart disease and great for the reproductive process.
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    Some major benefits of Vitamin A: Vitamin A fights cancer by inhibiting the manufacture of DNA in cancerous cells. It slows down tumor growth in recognized cancers and may keep leukemia cells from dividing.

    This vitamin is particularly helpful in diseases caused by viruses. Measles, respiratory viruses, and even human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus that causes AIDS, may draw back in the presence of vitamin A. Blood levels of vitamin A are often low in people with viral infections. After receiving additional amounts of this vitamin, the body is able to mount its ramparts, often resulting in a faster recovery. However, vitamin A can also increase the risk of infections, according to the findings of a recent study. In HIV infection, for occasion, preformed vitamin A may also encourage HIV to replicate, so limiting the intake of vitamin A is the best bet for these patients.
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