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  • tooth hanging by a thread

    If such is the there anything that can be done to get it to come out(besides spending 250. at the dentist)..anyone know what is holding the teeth on and what would happen if I chewed something hard..the tooth is only partial as a filling fell out..

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    Carol, you should have had that tooth out a long while back!

    Every tooth has roots - premolars 2, molars 3, So if the root(s) are still well entrenched, you're going to need a dentists help to extract it.


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      Okay, mom...I'll try to get it taken care of. You know how i dislike dentistry.


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        Now if it was a shaky milk tooth, I'd suggest that you tied it with a piece string and have it pulled out in a sudden jerk.
        No dentist. No $250.


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          what the heck is a milk tooth?


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            Baby teeth are milk teeth, Carol.
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              So the tooth just fell blood..anyone know why? Does that mean the tooth was dead?


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                Dear Carolorr,

                If you are worried about 250$ then I have an option for you. I am arranging another free medical camp on homeopathy in the next month. In that camp, dental facilities will be available free of cost as usuall, as I have provided in all my previous camps.

                You can register your name as patient for that camp.

                Dr. Asif and Dr. Yahya, BDS will visit that camp.

                I am also give surity here. In all over GrT State , if you show my prescription chit on which "Dr. MAS" name is mentioned at any homeopathic store. They will not charge you for the medicines. (Insha Allah)

                In any dental hospital / clinic, if the patient has been refered on Dr. MAS chit other than from free medical camps you will not be charged with consultation fees. Would you like to visit our state now?

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                  You can see here Dr. Asif and Dr. Yahya are working for my camps. I am also among them.

                  I am thankful to Dr. Shakeel Sarwar (HHBB member) who designed my profile page for me.

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                    CArol, do you mean your tooth just fell out?

                    No pain, no blood?

                    It sounds like it was a dead blood supply. How did it just "fall" out?
                    ...and deliverance has many faces<br />but grace<br />is an aquaintance of mine


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                      well it was the back upper left..i think the second tooth from the back...i kept flicking it with my tongue...i tried pulling it a little..and no way it was going to go...and then after one of those flicks...just fell right out. Understand that it was a big filling in there and when that fell out the tooth was fairly hard chew disconnected it. I had taken arnica 30 c the day before for something else. I don't know if tht did anything. Do you think I should put it under my pillow? Or don't they do that in canada.

                      I think it must have been dead. I had problems with that side of my mouth last year...maybe all that aching and pain last year was that tooth dying.

                      Thanks for the offer for the free camp...but it would cost 2000. dollars to get over there...but i'll consider it for the next tooth.



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                        Tooth fairies in Canada? Not since I was a kiddy.

                        I thought about the 2000 dollar expense of your dental visit, too. I feel you made the right choice, Carol.
                        ...and deliverance has many faces<br />but grace<br />is an aquaintance of mine


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                          I will continue pray for your so costly tooth because I can't bear so much expensive.
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                            There is a man who comes to my town every couple of a church and he does mass healings of everyone's teeth. I've never seen him but I've always wanted to see him. Its such a strange idea. So please, dr. mas...pray for my teeth as much as you are able.


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                              There are so many of that type of man in our locality. We call them peeer sahib..

                              dear mas

                              can you meet me in lahore on sunday. I know you have to travel 300 km. I need your expertise in establishing my office.