Research Council for Complementary Medicine

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Bibliographic databases, indexes and journals

Holding over 30,000 records, CISCOM, the RCCM's database of research references and abstracts, is widely considered to be the most comprehensive database of published complementary medicine research world-wide. Sourced from the British Library and Medline databases, with additional data provided by citation tracking and the RCCM's researcher network, it covers a broad range of papers published since the mid-1960s in conventional and complementary medical journals.

CISCOM has been designed to enable searches on the basis of scientific rigour and journal type. Fees for use of the service start at 10 and depend on the scale and complexity of the request. We can provide data in printed or electronic format.

The RCCM can deal with info requests from health professionals and researchers. We are not qualified to give advice or an overview of any therapy or condition to members of the public. Researchers will need to make a brief telephone call to the rccm (+44 (0) 171 833 8897 ) to negotiate their search. We are open 10 - 6 UK time.

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