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Organon of the Medical Art (Hahnemann); tr. Kunzli  Paperback Published by Orion, 2003
Organon of the Medical Art (Hahnemann); O'Reilly, Wendy & Decker, Steven (translator) Paperback edition  Published 2001
Organon of the Medical Art (Hahnemann); tr. Boericke  Paperback BJ
The Chronic Diseases: Theoretical Part; Hahnemann, Samuel Paperback BJ
Chronic Diseases; Their Peculiar Nature and Their Homoeopathic Cure; Hahnemann, Samuel; Dudley, Pemberton Hardcover 
Materia Medica Pura Vol 1; Hahnemann, Samuel tr. Dudgeon Hardcover   BJ
Materia Medica Pura Vol 2; Hahnemann, Samuel tr. Dudgeon Hardcover   BJ
The Lesser Writings of Samuel Hahnemann; ed. Dudgeon Hardcover  BJ
Treatise on the Effects of Coffee; Hahnemann, Samuel Paperback
Small Doses for Small Animals; Homeopathy for Cats and Dogs; Hamilton, Donald  Paperback Published 1999
Healing Art of Homoeopathy; Hamlyn, Edward C Paperback
Complete Family Guide to Homeopathy; An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Safe and Effective Remedies; Hammond, Christopher Paperback Published 1999
A Homeopathic Love Story; The Story of Samuel and Melanie Hahnemann; Handley, Rima Paperback
In Search of the Later Hahnemann; Handley, Rima Paperback
Textbook of Materia Medica and Therapeutics of Rare Homoeopathic Remedies; Hanson, Oscar Spiral
Textbook of Materia Medica and Therapeutics of Rare Homoeopathic Remedies; Hanson, Oscar Paperback BJ
Barefoot Homoeopath; Health Care for the Whole Person; Harland, Madeleine Paperback
Help Your Child with Homoeopathy; Harrison, Sheila Paperback
Radionics & Radiesthesia: A Guide to Working with Energy Patterns; Hartman, Jane Paperback
Homeopathy for Common Ailments; Hayfield, Robin; Lines, Eleanor Paperback
Homeopathy; Simple Remedies for Natural Health; Hayfield, Robin Paperboards
The Family Homeopath; Safe, Natural and Effective Health Care for You and Your Children; Hayfield, Robin Paperback
Homeopathy for Health and Well-being; Simple Remedies for Natural Health; Hayfield, Robin  Paperback  Published 2000
Educated Decision; One Approach to the Vaccination Problem Using Homoeopathy; Head, Christina June Paperback Published 1999
Homeopathy Self-Healing Handbook; Helfferich, Michael Paperback  Published 2000
Analytical Repertory of the Symptoms of the Mind; Hering, Constantine Hardcover BJ
Homoeopathic Treatment of Children; Pediatric Constitutional Types; Herscu, Paul Paperback
Homeopathy for Musculoskeletal Healing; Hersoff, Asa Paperback
Homeopathic Remedies: Your Easy-to-use Guide to Common Ailments and Their Homeopathic Treatment; Hersoff, Asa Paperback
Life of Christian Samuel Hahnemann; Hobhouse, Rosa Waugh Hardcover BJ
Homoeopathy; The Family Handbook; Homoeopathic Development Foundation Paperback
Guide to Homoeopathic Remedies; Houghton, Paul Paperback
Homoeopathy as Art and Science; Hubbard, Elizabeth Wright Paperback
Practice of Homoeopathy; Hughes, R. Paperback BJ  Published 2002
Everyday Homeopathy for Animals; Hunter, Francis Paperback Published 2004
People are Pets; Homoeopathy for First-time Users and Their Pets; Hunter, Francis Paperback
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