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Stores and Services
What Doctors Don't Tell You
The UK's leading healthcare freedom magazine

McGurk Electrical Services, Birmingham UK
Radionics and remedy machines

Sulis Instruments Ltd., London
Remedy machines

Holistic Healing Retreats and holiday lets in Wales


MotherNature's General Store
Whole Health Now
Books, software, articles and much more
Healthy Treasures Health Food Store
Homeopathic remedies, herbs, vitamins etc. online
Homeopathy for Health
Remedies, info, advice and much more
Alternative Health Insurance Services, Inc
Complementary medical insurance
Homeopathic Educational Services
A large site by Dana Ullman, MPH
herbs and remedies
Health World
A vast site which includes a Homeopathic section and a free sample audio tape on the Common Cold
Includes an Introduction to Homeopathy by Dr. Michele Iqbal

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