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We are pleased to announce a list exclusively devoted to homeopathy. The goals of the list are the exchange of current information affecting homeopathy and the study of all aspects of homeopathy, including case taking, materia medica, and repertory. Contributions are welcome whether you are a practitioner, patient or just simply interested in the subject.

The list server is automated, and the list unmoderated.

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To send messages and contributions to the list itself for distribution, address them to homeopathy@lyghtforce.com

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The List Archives

Earlier text file archives of the List month by month from December 1994 are available for reading on-line or downloading if your browser supports this facility (right-click on the filename).

The files are in Ascii text format.

These text file archives can be found by clicking here. Once connected, select the year, the month, and then the individual file you wish to read or download.


Every new subscriber receives a copy of the List FAQ. Please take the time to read it.


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